This graphite illustration, drawn in collaboration between myself (@tsyndromestuck) and my friend Ashley (@atdblog), is a parody of "Bacchus and Ariadne" by Jacopo Tintoretto. We worked on it over the span of 4 months, trading off every week. Ashley worked on the background and drew Hussie (and his peen), while I drew Vriska, John, and rendered the final product. 

Close-ups and ECCC story under cut

Ashley was unable to attend ECCC 2013 so, with my bro’ Eric, I presented the piece to Hussie (and Ryan North who was chatting with him at the Topatoco stand). Seeing him there caught me off guard. I didn’t notice the guy until Eric pointed him out to me. My anxiety shot through the roof when Eric suggested that I just present the picture, right there and then. North and Hussie were talking and there were other homestuck fans hovering around, asking him for pictures, and gazing at them. 

But, they laughed (the greatest achievement!) and Hussie admitted that we captured his likeness accurately. North certainly attested to what lay under his clothing ;)

[EDIT: Forgot to add, I showed him a copy of the original painting and he looked at Ariadne (Vriska’s model) and said something along the lines of ‘nope, not fat enough’]

[EDIT 2: It was Ashly and my idea to put the sticky note on his dingus. One, to protect the children. Two, to protect Huss’s… modesty]

We asked him to sign a lot of things and I forgot to take a picture the first signing so we had to go back at the second signing >.>’ It was a pleasure meeting Andrew in person. He was friendly and patient with us, despite there being a long line of fans who wanted to meet him. 

I’ll put up a higher resolution picture later. Bad camera is bad. 

[EDIT 3] Higher quality pictures are up 





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